Salted chicken egg

Salted chicken egg is a good alternative for salted duck egg as duck egg are difficult to find and more expensive. This recipe is suited for a jar with about 1 liter content and fits 7 eggs.


7 fresh chicken eggs

200 gr rock sea salt

3 star anise

1 liter water

1 glass jar

Wash the chicken eggs thoroughly. Put the salt and water in a pan. Boil the water till the salt has been dissolved. Let the mixture cool down entirely. Roast the star anise till fragrant. To sterilize the glass jar, put the jar a few minutes in boiling water. Place the star anise and the eggs in the cleaned jar and pour gradually the salt water. The eggs need to be covered in water. If the eggs are floating, place some water in a plastic little bag on top of the eggs. The weight of the water will push down the eggs. Soak the eggs in the salt brine for about 5 weeks. The egg yolk will be solid inside. If you want to use the salted egg as a side dish with your rice or rice congee, you can use the eggs after 2-3 weeks. Using the salted eggs as filling for moon cakes or zongzi, better wait 5 weeks. The egg white, however will be very salty. You can use the egg white for steamed eggs or adding the egg white to your rice congee.

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