Red bean coconut milk ice drink 红豆冰

One of my favorite summer drink in Hong Kong, is the red bean coconut milk ice drink (红豆冰). This drink can be ordered at a cha can ting 茶餐厅. It is very easy to make.

Red bean coconut milk ice drink


  • 3 tbsp cooked red beans
  • sweetened coconut milk
  • evaporated milk or almond milk
  • crushed ice

Most difficult part of the drink is the red beans. The red beans need to be cooked till it is soft. This can take up to 2 hours depends on what kind of red beans you are using. When the red beans are soft, add some sugar to your liking and crush the red beans a little bit. Take a glass and add the red beans about 1/3 of the glass. Add some crushed ice that fills up to the top of the glass. Add now coconut milk till 2/3 of the glass and finally, add the evaporated milk or almond milk. For the full version, add a scope of vanilla ice. 

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